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Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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Stewardship within the United Methodist Church encompasses much more than financial support.  As members of the United Methodist Church, we have each pledged to support the church with our Prayers, our Presence, our Gifts, and our Service.  We have spent the month of October looking at the notion of Stewardship as it applies to each of us.  Pastor Stephen guided us through multiple questions which helped us to clarify our own Christian walk in a new Age:

Week #1 – IMAGE

1.       What are my images of Christianity?

2.       Why did I decide to become a Christian?

3.       How has it changed my life and developed me?

4.       If I think about the most powerful image I have of what Christianity is, what would it look like?

Week #2 - CALL

1.       Have I had a CONVERSATION with God about what my call might be?

2.       What are my “gifts and graces” that God could use?

3.       How could using my gifts change my life and develop me?

4.       If I think about the image of putting my call into practice, what would it be?

Week #3 - PRACTICE

1.       As a Christian, what are the concrete commitments of my call?  What needs to be done?

2.       How do I behave so that others can see my call and respond to it?

3.       What do I actually do to demonstrate my call and engage others?

4.       What are the tools I have to direct my activities to answer my call?

Week #4 – NEW VISION

1.       As I live-out my call and actions as a Christian, what vision of my life as a Christian comes into focus?

2.       How do I want to be a committed Christian at home?  How do I want to be known at work and with friends since I am a committed Christian?

3.       How do I invest in God’s Kingdom with all that I am and all that I have?

One last question to ask yourself:
What will be the result in the world as I live my life as a Christian?

We invite you to join fill out the enclosed commitment card and bring it with you for worship on Sunday, November 4th.  In that worship setting you will have an opportunity to make a meaningful commitment.

Blessings on you as you continue the journey!

Bob Hardin – Stewardship Chair