Moorpark United Methodist Church
Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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MUMC Rainbow Children's Center (Preschool)

Moorpark United Methodist Rainbow Children's Center
The Moorpark United Methodist Rainbow Children's Center is a ministry of the Moorpark United Methodist Church.  We operate under the direction of the United Methodist Rainbow Children's Center Board.  The center is licensed by the State of California, License #561702370, Department of Social Services, and conform with all standards of that agency.
We offer full day and a part time preschool programs.  Rainbow began as a the lab school for Moorpark College and has been a part of the Moorpark United Methodist Church outreach ministry since 1981.  Our school is open to children of any sex, race, or religion.
Our staff  is dedicated to the program, its integrity, and the families and children of Moorpark.  The staff stays current in early childhood education by attending conferences, seminars, and college classes.  We have, throughout the community, a reputation as a quality faith based preschool program.
The staff at Rainbow incorporate basic Christian truths into the curriculum.  Each preschool class will have exposure to basic Christian principles, Bible stories, scripture, and songs.
At Rainbow we recognize that a young person's mind, body, and spirit are all in developmental stages.  We seek to provide a balanced Christian atmoshpere in which this development can occur.