Moorpark United Methodist Church
Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Spread the excitement of God's love in Moorpark


Here’s what some of our members have to say about us:


(1)          Why do you attend Moorpark UMC?

The worship service feeds my spirit and the people share their love and care.” - David

I attend Moorpark UMC because of the feeling of being part of a faith family.” - Scott

 “I attend Moorpark UMC because the members are very warm and friendly and I feel very supported by everyone. I also attend because the pastor has a background in biblical studies and has taught us how to interpret the scriptures. The Sunday sermons are always thought provoking and give information on how to allow God to help you in your day to day living in a very practical way. All messages are delivered in a very positive way.”


(2)          What do you like most about Moorpark UMC?

 “I love the people. Many have given me so much love and support.” - Marilyn

The feeling of the worship service and the people, who care for each other and are honestly trying to understand what it means to share God's love in the world.”

“I like the warm and friendly people, the Bible study classes, and the positive sermons.”


(3)          How do you feel your faith has been nurtured at Moorpark UMC?

 “I have been given the ‘okay’ to question the things I was taught in the church growing up and because of this I have managed to establish a real relationship with God. Through classes, sermons and other discussions, I have been encouraged to explore this relationship deeper.”

My faith has been nurtured by receiving support and care from others.”

This church allows me to grow my faith at my own pace. They are always there to listen when I have questions and open to discuss any issues I might have. If I am ever struggling with faith there is always someone from the church available to help me through it. On the other side when my faith is strong I am available to lend a helping hand to those who need it. There is a ton of give and take in this church. They accept you for who you are and they always help you grow into the person and Christian that you want to be.” - Rachel


(4)          What is the greatest gift you’ve ever received from Moorpark UMC?

 “Not being given all the answers or being told of how I have to believe or do things, but instead being given the tools to learn, explore, and grow so that I can come up with my own answers on how to believe and live in this world as a Christian.”

 “Having my son nurtured during his formative years, especially via the music and youth programs.” - Jim

 “The day I joined.” - Polly


(5)          What makes Moorpark UMC special in your heart?

 “I appreciate the generous spirit of giving. MUMC is always there to donate blood, walk in the Relay for Life, make birthing kits for Haiti, support others through Free Trade Coffee, purchase alternative gifts that provide others a warmer, safer, healthier Christmas!“- Marilyn

An open minded approach, and great music.” - Jim

Besides all of the above MUMC is special in my heart because I can not only live and grow my faith here (as opposed to just maintaining), but put it into practice through outreach opportunities and participating in the things I love doing with the people I love.” - Pru